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Istanbul airport transfer to Kağıthane

istanbul airport transfer to Istanbul City Guest House

Kağıthane is a vibrant district on the European side of Istanbul, Turkey, known for its mix of modern development, historic sites, and recreational areas. With its lively atmosphere and diverse offerings, Kağıthane attracts residents and visitors seeking a dynamic urban experience.


Sadabad Museum Complex

Sadabad Museum Complex in Kağıthane showcases historical artifacts and exhibits, offering insights into the Ottoman era and Turkish history.

Kagithane Hidiv Kasri

Kağıthane Hıdiv Kasrı is a historic palace with gardens, known for its architecture and cultural significance.

Seyit Nizam Mosque

Seyit Nizam Mosque in Kağıthane is a modern mosque with distinctive architecture, serving as a religious and cultural landmark for the district.

Cendere Bridge

Cendere Bridge in Kağıthane is a historical Roman-era bridge, offering a picturesque view of the surrounding area.

Atatürk Arboretum

Atatürk Arboretum in Kağıthane is a botanical garden with a diverse collection of trees and plants, providing a green retreat for nature lovers.

Kağıthane Culture Park

Kağıthane Culture Park is a central park with green spaces, walking paths, and recreational areas, providing a gathering place for the local community.

Hasbahce City Park

Hasbahçe City Park in Kağıthane is a park with playgrounds, sports facilities, and green spaces, catering to families and outdoor enthusiasts.

Alibey Dam Lake

Alibey Dam Lake in Kağıthane is a serene lake surrounded by nature, providing a peaceful setting for relaxation and outdoor activities.

Gokturk Kent Ormani

Göktürk Kent Ormanı is a city forest in Kağıthane, offering walking trails, picnic areas, and a natural escape from the urban environment.

Kagithane Bunker Museum

Kağıthane Bunker Museum is a historical site from the Cold War era, featuring an underground bunker and exhibitions on the period's history.


Axis Istanbul Shopping Center

Axis Istanbul Shopping Center in Kağıthane is a shopping mall with a variety of stores, cafes, and entertainment options, serving as a popular destination for shoppers.

Kagithane Outlet Center

Kağıthane Outlet Center is a retail complex in Kağıthane with a mix of outlet stores, fashion brands, and dining options, catering to those looking for discounted shopping.


Kagithane Culture Park Restaurants

Restaurants near Kağıthane Culture Park offer a mix of international and Turkish cuisines, providing a diverse culinary experience for visitors.

Axis Istanbul Shopping Center Dining

Dining options in Axis Istanbul Shopping Center include a variety of cuisines, from fast food to fine dining, catering to different tastes.

Istanbul Airport Transfer


The metro system in Kağıthane provides a convenient and efficient way to travel around Istanbul, connecting different parts of the city, including the airport.

Private Transfers

Private transfer services are available in Kağıthane, offering a comfortable and personalized journey from the airport to various locations in the district.

Yellow Taxis

Yellow taxis are readily available in Kağıthane and provide a quick and convenient option for travelers heading to the district from the airport. It's important to ensure that the taxi meter is used for a fair fare.

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