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Istanbul airport transfer to Adalar

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Adalar, meaning 'Islands' in Turkish, is a picturesque district in Istanbul, Turkey, consisting of nine islands in the Sea of Marmara. Known for its tranquil atmosphere, historic architecture, and natural beauty, Adalar is a popular destination for those seeking a peaceful escape from the bustling city life.


Heybeliada Hagia Triada Monastery

Heybeliada Hagia Triada Monastery is a Greek Orthodox monastery on Heybeliada, known for its stunning architecture and serene surroundings. It is a cultural and historical landmark.

Sedef Island Beaches

Sedef Island, known for its pristine beaches, offers a serene escape with sandy shores and crystal-clear waters. It is an ideal place for swimming and sunbathing.

Kinaliada Taverna

Kınalıada Taverna is a charming spot on Kınalıada where visitors can enjoy local cuisine, fresh seafood, and the beautiful sea view. The island is known for its cozy atmosphere.

Burgazada Island Fortress

Burgazada Island Fortress is a historical fortress on Burgazada, offering a glimpse into the island's past. The site provides a unique setting for exploration and photography.

Heybeliada Değirmenburnu Picnic Area

Heybeliada Değirmenburnu Picnic Area is a tranquil spot on Heybeliada, providing a peaceful environment for picnics and relaxation.

Madam Marie Curie Institute

Madam Marie Curie Institute on Heybeliada is a historical building named after Marie Curie. The institute has a unique architecture and adds to the cultural heritage of the island.

Buyukada Aya Yorgi Monastery

Büyükada Aya Yorgi Monastery is a historic monastery located on Büyükada, offering panoramic views of the sea and the island. Visitors can reach the monastery by climbing to the hilltop.

Nizam Island Lighthouse

Nizam Island Lighthouse, located on Nizam Adası, is a scenic spot with panoramic views of the sea. The lighthouse is a prominent landmark on the island.

Buyukada Ayia Yorgi Church

Büyükada Ayia Yorgi Church is a Greek Orthodox church on Büyükada, known for its religious significance and traditional architecture. The church is a peaceful place for reflection.


Büyükada Bazaar

Büyükada Bazaar is a local market on Büyükada, where visitors can find souvenirs, traditional crafts, and local products. It's a great place to explore the island's culture.

Heybeliada Craft Shops

Craft shops on Heybeliada offer handmade items, local art, and unique souvenirs, allowing visitors to take home a piece of the island's artistic heritage.


Burgazada Island Eateries

Eateries on Burgazada serve a mix of Turkish and Mediterranean dishes, providing a cozy atmosphere for island visitors to enjoy delicious meals.

Büyükada Fish Restaurants

Fish restaurants on Büyükada serve fresh seafood, providing a delightful dining experience with views of the sea. Local specialties and Mediterranean cuisine are popular choices.

Heybeliada Cafes

Cafes on Heybeliada offer a variety of beverages and snacks in a relaxed setting. Many cafes have outdoor seating, allowing visitors to enjoy the island's natural beauty.

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