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Istanbul airport transfer to Tuzla

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Tuzla is a coastal district located on the Asian side of Istanbul, Turkey, known for its maritime activities, industrial zones, and scenic waterfront areas. With a mix of historical sites and modern developments, Tuzla offers residents and visitors a diverse range of experiences.


Tuzla Cumhuriyet Meydani

Tuzla Cumhuriyet Meydanı is a central square with shops, cafes, and social spaces, reflecting the commercial and social life of the district.

Tuzla Sahil Park

Tuzla Sahil Park is a waterfront park with green spaces, walking paths, and views of the sea, providing a relaxing environment for residents and visitors.

Tuzla Kaptan-i Derya Mevlana Camii

Tuzla Kaptan-i Derya Mevlana Camii is a modern mosque with a distinctive design, serving as a religious and cultural focal point in the district.

Tuzla Marina

Tuzla Marina is a prominent marina along the Sea of Marmara, featuring yachts, waterfront cafes, and a vibrant atmosphere, attracting maritime enthusiasts and visitors.

Tuzla Piri Reis Museum

Tuzla Piri Reis Museum showcases artifacts related to navigation, maritime history, and the famous Ottoman admiral Piri Reis, contributing to the district's cultural heritage.

Tuzla Deniz Muzesi

Tuzla Deniz Müzesi, or Tuzla Sea Museum, is dedicated to marine life and artifacts, offering an educational experience for those interested in the sea.

Tuzla Shipyard

Tuzla Shipyard is one of the largest shipyards in Turkey, providing a glimpse into the maritime industry with views of ship constructions and repairs.

Tuzla Orhanli Tarihi Camii

Tuzla Orhanlı Tarihi Camii is a historical mosque with architectural significance, serving as a religious and cultural landmark in the district.

Tuzla Piri Reis Kultur Merkezi

Tuzla Piri Reis Kültür Merkezi, or Tuzla Piri Reis Cultural Center, hosts cultural events, performances, and exhibitions, contributing to the artistic and social life of the district.

Tuzla Halk Egitim Merkezi

Tuzla Halk Eğitim Merkezi is an educational center offering courses and workshops, contributing to the intellectual development of the community.


Tuzla Deniz Muzesi Gift Shop

The gift shop at Tuzla Deniz Müzesi offers maritime-themed souvenirs, books, and memorabilia for visitors interested in the museum's exhibits.

Viaport Marina

Viaport Marina in Tuzla is a shopping and entertainment complex with a variety of stores, restaurants, and recreational options, attracting shoppers from the district and nearby areas.


Viaport Marina Dining

Dining options in Viaport Marina include a mix of cafes and restaurants, offering a range of cuisines and atmospheres for visitors.

Tuzla Marina Restaurants

Restaurants at Tuzla Marina offer a variety of seafood, Turkish dishes, and international cuisines, providing a delightful dining experience with views of the marina.

Tuzla Cumhuriyet Meydani Cafes

Cafes around Tuzla Cumhuriyet Meydanı provide a relaxed setting for enjoying coffee, tea, and local pastries, creating a pleasant atmosphere for visitors.

Istanbul Airport Transfer


The metro system in Tuzla provides a convenient and efficient way to travel around Istanbul, connecting different parts of the city, including the airport.

Private Transfers

Private transfer services are available in Tuzla, offering a comfortable and personalized journey from the airport to various locations in the district.

Yellow Taxis

Yellow taxis are readily available in Tuzla and provide a quick and convenient option for travelers heading to the district from the airport. It's important to ensure that the taxi meter is used for a fair fare.

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